About Us



WHITE|MODE is Simple, Elegant, and Classy. It offers well-designed pieces to suit the lifestyle of modern independent women.

WHITE|MODE is the white canvass for our designers to whole-heartedly create elegant pieces and classy silhouettes, with a modern high-street fashion twist. The combination results in unique and fresh offerings that are truly WHITE|MODE.

The brand offers a complete range of fashion products for three different occasions: Daywear, Career, and After Six. It also offers accessories to complete the looks.
WHITE|MODE believes that Excellency of Heart is the essence of true Elegance. It is about the wearer, more than the clothes. The color WHITE in WHITE|MODE aptly describes this philosophy. White is a basic color that provides a base for other colors to shine. Similarly, WHITE|MODE is about providing a platform for modern independent women to express who they truly are, to make their statement, and to SHINE. Welcome to this new definition of elegance. WHITE|MODE, defining elegance.